30 Before And After Shots That Show How Much Effort Is Put Into Hollywood SFX Makeup

The amount of time and effort, sweat and tears that go into making movies is impressive. Just take a look at the intricacies required in applying movie makeup on Hollywood actors. Even characters who we think don’t need any serious makeup can take hours and hours to get ready for the set. Not to mention how much effort goes into making fantasy and sci-fi characters look believable.

To show you just how much work it takes to do Hollywood-tier makeup, we’ve collected some of the best before and after, as well as step-by-step pictures. For example, who knew that making Thorin Oakenshield look like, well, Thorin Oakenshield was a very involved process? And here we thought that putting on a wig was all it took!

Keep on scrolling, upvote your fave pics, and share them with your movie-loving friends. When you’re done, have a look at Bored Panda’s previous post about incredible pics of actors before and after applying movie makeup.


Eddie Murphy, Coming To America


Naomi Grossman, American Horror Story Series


Robin Williams, Mrs Doubtfire

The life of a Hollywood movie makeup artist is difficult and involved, even if it’s exciting and purposeful. But makeup artists aren’t one homogenous group of professionals.

You have 4 main movie makeup artist roles. Starting with key makeup artists who design the makeup worn by the lead actors. In other words, they take care of the stars.

They also come up with the more complicated and intricate makeup designs and oversee other employees to make sure that there’s visual continuity and consistency in how the makeup looks throughout shooting the entire movie.


Richard Armitage, The Hobbit


Doug Jones, Crimson Peak


Chris Hemsworth, Avengers Endgame

Then there are your run-of-the-mill makeup artists who are responsible for making non-lead and supporting actors look good. They’re under orders to turn the key makeup artists’ visions into reality.

Of course, not much would be done without makeup assistants who help organize makeup kits, do other small but necessary tasks, and lend a hand to the artists with whatever they might need. They’re the unsung heroes of every movie.

Lastly, there are special effects makeup artists who probably have some of the coolest jobs in the movie industry. They create special makeup effects, such as prosthetics and the like.


Richard Brake, Game Of Thrones


Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour


Danny DeVito, Batman Returns


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator


Karen Gillan, Avengers


Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2


Tim Curry, Legend


Ian Mckellen, Lord Of The Rings


Charlize Theron, Monster


John Rhys-Davies, Lord Of The Rings


Roddy Mcdowall, Planet Of The Apes


Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight


Ron Perlman, Hellboy


Angelina Jolie, Maleficent


Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant


Gary Oldman, Hannibal


Josh Brolin, Deadpool 2

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Jacob Tremblay, Wonder


Emma Thompson, Nanny Mcphee


Jim Carrey, How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice


Bill Skarsgård, It


Eddie Redmayne, The Theory Of Everything


Tilda Swinton, Grand Budapest Hotel

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Hobbs & Shaw Ruled the Box Office Last Weekend

Greetings and salutations, and welcome to today's edition of The Monitor, WIRED's pop culture news roundup. What's topping the (news) charts this day? For starters, the latest Fast & Furious flick Hobbs & Shaw made bank at the box office. Also, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are going to Universal, and Batwoman is the future. Let's get started.

Hobb's & Shaw Muscles Its Way to $60 million Opening Weekend

Take that, Tarantino. Last weekend, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw made $60.8 million, topping the domestic box office and adding to its $180 million global take. The movie, starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, is expected to amass even more as the summer progresses and the power of the Rock's arms becomes even more undeniable to audiences.

Lord and Miller Are Taking Their Wares to Universal

The dynamic duo behind The Lego Movie and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VersePhil Lord and Chris Miller—are going to Universal Pictures. The pair just signed a first-look deal with the studio for future movie projects. Lord and Miller also have a massive, five-year television pact with Sony Pictures TV. In other words, expect a lot more adventure with acerbic wit on screens large and small in the coming years.

Batwoman Is the Future

First off, the bad news: The 100, Supernatural, and Arrow will all end their runs during the 2019-2020 TV season. Now the good news: CW president Mark Pedowitz knows what happens next. "Batwoman is the next evolution," he told reporters during the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, speaking of the new show starring Ruby Rose as the DC Comics superhero. "We believe that this universe will continue for many years." He added that he believed other DC-based shows like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash would remain on the air for years to come.

Dune’s Release Date Is Moving

Finally, Warner Bros. announced late Friday that it'll move the release of Dune from November 20, 2020, to December 18, 2020. The adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel, which is being directed by Denis Villeneuve, will get an IMAX release when it hits theaters.

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Image: netflix

Black Mirror‘s fifth season is closer than we’re ready for, and three new trailers for each episode only confirm it. 

As expected, we get curious new technology (including a robot modeled after Miley Cyrus) and witness its influence on human behavior, whether it’s a couple trying to get pregnant or a driver determined to fix society.

For the episode teasers and Netflix’s one-line descriptions, read on.


A cab driver with an agenda becomes the centre of attention on a day that rapidly spirals out of control.

Cast: Andrew Scott, Damson Idris, Topher Grace

“Rachel, Jack and Ashley, too”

A lonely teenager yearns to connect with her favorite pop star – whose charmed existence isn’t quite as rosy it appears…

Cast: Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport

“Striking Vipers”

Two estranged college friends reunite in later life, triggering a series of events that could alter their lives forever.

Cast: Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Beharie, Pom Klementieff, Ludi Lin

Black Mirror Season 5 debuts June 5 on Netflix.

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Game of Thrones Breaks Viewership Records

Howdy! Once again, it's time for The Monitor, WIRED's roundup of all things pop culture. Today's helping is heaping and includes news about Game of Thrones, Netflix, and Star Wars. Sound overwhelming? It is—but you should read it anyway.

Game of Thrones Breaks Viewership Records

If it seemed like everyone was watching Game of Thrones on Sunday night, that's probably because they were. According to HBO, 17.4 million people watched the Season 8 premiere. That number, which includes viewers who watched on HBO Go, HBO Now, and cable, exceeds the 16.9 million people who watched last season's finale. Jon Snow may not know much, but he definitely knows how to make people watch.

Podcast: Listen to our Game of Thrones podcast on iTunes and Spotify

Kit Harington Doesn't Care What Critics Think

Speaking of things Jon Snow knows, Kit Harington doesn't know how to GAF about what critics write about the Game of Thrones' final season. The actor, who plays Snow, recently told Esquire, "Whatever critic spends half an hour writing about this season and makes their [negative] judgement on it … they can go fuck themselves. Cause I know how much work was put into this." In other news, GoT recappers everywhere are now wondering if they've been spending too much time on each review.

Nearly 10 Million More People Have Netflix Now

Even as Disney+ looms, Netflix is still adding new subscribers. The streaming service signed up 9.6 million people in the first three months of 2019. That brings Netflix's total up to 148.9 paying members. Not bad.

Mark Hamill Knows Disney Can't Fire Him

Turns out, Kit Harington isn't the only one speaking his mind lately. Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, recently noted that he has no worries about Disney/Lucasfilm seeking retribution when he trolls Star Wars fans on Twitter. "I love to tease the fans online," he told Seth Meyers on Late Night Tuesday. "I'm sure Disney is not happy about it, but what are they going to do, fire me? It's too late." Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20.

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‘Captain Marvel’ has two end credits scenes. Here’s what they mean.

What's next for this lady?
Image: Marvel Studios

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Captain Marvel. 

So you’ve just seen Captain Marvel. And you even stayed all the way through the end credits like a good Marvel fan. But you maybe need a bit of help parsing what exactly those two scenes at the very end were about.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here’s what happens in the end credits of Captain Marvel – and what it might mean for Avengers: Endgame and more.

1. Captain Marvel catches up to Avengers: Infinity War 

She’ll be back.

Image: Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

What happens: We’re in the post-Infinity War days, as evidenced by a ten-figure “global missing” count on the wall of an Avengers facility. In a corner, Captain Marvel’s beeper (which she left with Nick Fury at the end of her movie) is beeping, until suddenly it’s not.

A few of the remaining Avengers – Captain America, War Machine, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner – gather to examine the device, wondering what it is, what it’s doing, and why it’s stopped. “I wanna know what’s on the other end of that thing,” says one.

The answer, it turns out, is right under their noses. Captain Marvel has appeared behind them in full superhero regalia, and she has just one question: “Where’s Fury?” 

What it means: It’s no secret that Captain Marvel will appear in Avengers: Endgame; that was teased in the end credits of Avengers: Infinity War. But we have more context now. We know who she is, what Nick Fury means to her, and how he got that beeper. 

And more clues about how, exactly, she factors into the story: It looks like Fury’s desperate page to her in the final seconds of Infinity War reached her in outer space, and she’s back to help the still-living Avengers save the day. 

2. Goose spits up the Tesseract

Bad cat!

Image: Marvel Studios

What happens: The scene opens on Nick Fury’s office, which is empty – or almost empty. Goose the cat jumps up on his desk and starts hacking and heaving in a manner that will feel chillingly familiar to cat owners everywhere. Finally, he coughs up the object that’s been bothering his insides. It’s the Tesseract. 

What it means: We’ve long known that the Tesseract was in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s possession at this point in time (the 1990s), so this does not seem to be offering any significant new information about where it’s been or where it’s going. 

Rather, it seems to be here just for fun, along the lines of the “drumming ant” scene after Ant-Man and the Wasp or the Captain America PSA after Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In the end, all it tells us is that – as my colleague Ali Foreman put it – a whole lot of animators spent a whole lot of time watching a whole lot of videos of cats throwing up. 

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Pixar’s newest short ‘Purl’ is a must-watch for every workplace

Pixar’s new animation program SparkShorts has released its first short film, a powerful story about the difficulty of fitting into a workplace of human males. 

“Purl” might be about a pink ball of yarn, but its title character adopts new behaviors and aggression to be one of the boys, a transparent allegory for women trying to break the glass ceiling in corporate culture.

After earning the faith of reticent coworkers, Purl has a chance to change the culture at B.R.O. Capital, and offers us a glimpse of what equal workplaces could look like. Written and directed by Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan, “Purl” is based on Lester’s experiences in the male-dominated field of animation.

“When Kristen came to me and said, ‘This is a story that I want to tell,’ I looked at her and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I have lived the exact same thing,'” Libbert-Duncan said in a companion video.

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Yeah, pretty much everyone streamed Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’

Sandra Bullock in the thriller 'Bird Box.'
Image: Courtesy Netflix

Netflix is notoriously cagey about audience statistics, but even the most secretive among us can’t help bragging sometimes.

Following the release of the sci-fi thriller Bird Box, the company claimed in a tweet that a staggering 45 million accounts watched the film over its debut week.

According to Netflix, this is the best debut week for any of its films ever. It’s worth pointing out that the 45 million number refers to accounts, not views or streams. So the figure isn’t even taking into consideration how many of us share Netflix or watched it with one or more viewing companions.

To put that number into perspective, if each of those accounts had paid $14 to see Bird Box — less than the price of a movie ticket in cities like New York — the Netflix thriller would have surpassed Aquaman‘s current global box office haul of $629 million.

The rare look at Netflix numbers reminds us how ubiquitous the streaming platform is, particularly with its international scope. 

Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix.

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Mila Kunis and Justin Theroux on the Proper Way to Play Halo

Videogames have been around for so long it’s almost impossible that anyone under 60 hasn't spent some time playing them. So when someone says they enjoy gaming, it’s not entirely surprising. What might warrant a double-take, however, is actor Justin Theroux saying he often plays videogames with Will Arnett.

"We play Call of Duty," Theroux tells his Spy Who Dumped Me costar Mila Kunis in the WIRED Autocomplete Interview above. "We have a whole clan that goes out."

Kunis is also a gamer, or rather, she was. "I had kids," she says, "so not anymore." And both have lent their voices to videogames—Theroux to a Call of Duty title and Kunis to Saints Row and some Family Guy games. They also both had long stints playing Halo. Their suggestion for the best method for doing so? Lots of friends, lots of monitors.

What else does the internet want to know about Kunis and Theroux? For one, what languages they both speak. (Kunis, who was born in Ukraine, speaks Russian.) For another, their star signs. (They’re both Leos.) People also tend to Google what instruments they play, what they eat, and what siblings they have. Find out their answers in the video above. Afterwards, take a piece of advice from Theroux: "Don’t Google yourself, because that will make you want to blow your fucking head off." Dude. Bleak.

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MoviePass Revives Its Unlimited Plan

Some good news for once: After a two-week hiatus, the MoviePass unlimited subscription—the one that lets you see a movie a day, every day, in theaters, for $10 a month—is back. And MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe says the company is "absolutely committed" to keeping it around.

That wasn’t always a given. Just last week at industry conference CinemaCon, Lowe said “I don’t know” in response to a question about the unlimited plan’s return. And given some of MoviePass' previous experimentation with its offerings—be it temporarily removing subscriber access to select AMC theaters in major cities, or to specific movies—it perhaps wouldn’t have been surprising if the offer that attracted millions of subscribers in a few short months really was too good to be true.

As of today, though, you can get back on the unlimited plan that MoviePass launched last August. You can also go with a variation on the plan the company temporarily replaced unlimited with: three movies a month, plus three free months of iHeartRadio All-Access music streaming, for eight bucks. One of the best deals around has returned—along with a seemingly renewed commitment from MoviePass not to keep its subscribers’ heads spinning.

After all, even that unlimited plan has changed its stripes a few times since launch. In addition to the aforementioned blackouts, MoviePass began limiting certain films to one viewing only. Those regularly introduced limits to unlimited—along with shaky customer service—have stretched subscriber patience thin.

"It’s fine-tuning this model," says Lowe. "Everybody wants a consistent offer. Believe me, I want a consistent offer."

To that end, Lowe says MoviePass is at least through experimenting with AMC theaters. "I can assure you that we are not contemplating or even thinking about removing any AMC theaters," he says. "We found out what we needed to find out, and decided that we want to be good partners and provide a good service to our subscribers, and our subscribers love AMC theaters."

Other recently introduced annoyances may remain, though, as MoviePass combats what Lowe says are the “hundreds of thousands” of subscribers who misuse their membership, using their MoviePass-issued debit cards to make purchases outside the scope of their arrangement. That can range from purchasing a more expensive 3-D ticket—MoviePass draws the line at 2-D screenings—to purchasing multiple tickets for a single viewing, so that, say, a small group can all attend the same Avengers: Infinity War showtime at MoviePass prices. Lowe says some people even accumulate multiple MoviePass cards, and resell the tickets for popular screenings for a profit.

'Everybody wants a consistent offer. Believe me, I want a consistent offer.'

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe

That explains why repeat viewings for popular flicks have become verboten, as well as a so-called beta program that asks certain members to upload a photo of tickets purchased with their MoviePass card, to confirm that they’re using their subscription as intended. Fail to do so more than once? The account gets cancelled.

A cynic might say that the system seems like a pretty good way to discourage high-volume users, the kind that cost MoviePass the most money each month. But Lowe says that frequency of use isn’t one of its triggers; the company looks instead for a “pattern of behavior,” primarily focusing on accounts that frequently switch devices. That helps limit fraud, but also creates collateral headaches.

But MoviePass has given itself no margin for error. It needs to bring in enough subscribers, quickly enough, that movie theaters and studios will have no choice but to cut revenue-sharing and marketing deals with it. And it needs those deals to be large enough to keep it from hemorrhaging cash. It literally can’t afford fraud, even if culling it dings honest subscribers in the process.

"Our goal is to be sustainable and offer the service to subscribers," says Lowe. "In order to do that, we have to have a business model that works. You cannot have a small percentage of people eating up a big percentage of your usage, and therefore no one gets the service."

That MoviePass puts the onus on subscribers, rather than building more protections into its app and card to prevent fraud in the first place, may rankle some users. But with any luck, the return of the unlimited plan—along with the commitment to its future, and the détente with AMC—shows that the company has moved past the rockiest stage of experimentation. And in fact, it's about to make some positive moves; Lowe says that by the end of May MoviePass will introduce plans that include more expensive screenings, like 3-D and IMAX, as well as plans to accommodate families and friends.

In the meantime, while a MoviePass subscription may yet come with unexpected hassles—especially if you’re falsely flagged for fraud—at least its core premise remains intact: a movie a day, every day, for $10 a month. It might not be perfect, but for most people it’s still worth the price of admission.

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The Mister Rogers documentary trailer is so hopeful and sweet we could cry

Five little words cemented Fred Rogers in the hearts of America and the history of television. The upcoming documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? takes a closer look at Rogers, who died in 2003, and the indelible legacy of his show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood debuted in 1963, and as the trailer for Won’t You Be My Neighbor? notes, it went against every model for a successful TV show. Rogers provided children with compassionate messages about divorce, death, race, and more. Clips from the stirring trailer show Rogers talking earnestly about love with a sincerity that sometimes seems light years from 2018.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? releases in select theaters June 8.

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