Ivanka Trump Violates Stay At Home Order To Travel With Her Family | Betches

Whenever guidelines that only really work if we all follow them are put in place, there’s always that one bitch who thinks they are above it all and ruins it for everyone. Have I ever been this bitch? I mean, on a class field trip to D.C. where the chaperones said we’d all get ice cream at the end if we were well behaved, but then I went and tried to get a stranger to buy me a pack of cigarettes and got caught…sure. But, as a grown-ass woman during a pandemic when we’re being told to stay home so more people don’t die? Nah, I’m good there.

You know who’s not good, though? Ivanka Trump.

The federal government — you know, the one run by Ivanka’s dad — has urged people to refrain from any nonessential travel, but Ivanka didn’t seem to take that to heart when she traveled with her family from Washington to celebrate Passover in Bedminster, New Jersey.

New Jersey is one of the country’s hot spots for coronavirus, having the second-highest number of reported deaths in the country. So, while traveling there is still legal, it’s not exactly responsible.

Plus, when Ivanka travels, she has to bring Secret Service with her, and her trip requires local law enforcement to be on duty. So, she is forcing these people to work in a dangerous situation for her. Cute!

While Ivanka’s husband, White House advisor Jared Kushner, has returned to D.C., the rest of the family reportedly remains in New Jersey.

Wanting to spend a holiday with family is totally understandable. Shit, I wish I could see my parents right tf now. I miss them and want a hug from them to help me feel better during these trying times. But, I live in New York, the major hot spot for COVID-19, and traveling from here to go see them in Maine would be irresponsible and dangerous. So, I’m posted up in my tiny New York apartment with all four of my roommates.

It’s called civic duty, Ivanka, look it up.

Plus, Ivanka is a public figure, so she has a responsibility to set an example for the rest of the country — pockets of which are raging against their state’s stay at home orders. She seemed to acknowledge this last month when she tweeted “Social distancing saves lives!” and asked followers to “Please do your part. We are all in this together.”


It’s near impossible to convince people they should be staying home while refusing to practice that advice yourself. If they see leaders traveling, it will make them wonder, “Why shouldn’t I be able to, then?”

As we’ve seen from the protests in Michigan — where people are taking to the streets and demanding that businesses reopen — that people are already having a hard time understanding that it’s important to stay home. So, we need our leaders to, get this, *lead* by example. And traveling to one of the hot spots for a holiday doesn’t cut it.

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5 Spiked Seltzer And Face Mask Pairings To Get You Through Quarantine | Betches

If you, like me, spent the last week exchanging intimate conversation with only your dog and the weird crack on your ceiling, then welcome to quarantine life, betch! This is the bad place. It’s been a weird few days, friends, and I doubt it’s going to get any less weird in the coming weeks. I can confidently say that social distancing has changed me, and it’s changed me for the worse. It’s reduced me to a person who cooks and does home workouts—and I don’t like it one bit! But I will say spending more than 72 hours alone in my apartment with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company has made me reevaluate my skin care journey. And by “reevaluate” I mean think about at all. It’s hard not to when the only face you see all day is yours and it’s looking back at you in the mirror with last night’s pizza sauce on it. But no more! Today is a new day. And since I’m the kind of person who takes one step forward, and then does the entire cha-cha slide backward, I’ve decided that my journey to clearer, softer, more age-defying skin can only be done with a canned hard seltzer in my hand. Baby steps, people. So here’s a list of the best spiked seltzer and face mask pairings to get you started on your quarantine skin care journey. 

White Claw Pure + Detox Clay Mask

The time for panic-eating entire boxes of Cheez-Its, ice cream cartons, and the family-size Stouffer’s mac n cheese you bought “just in case” is right tf now. And you know what washes down all of that processed cheese and sodium? White Claw Pure! Unlike other White Claws, White Claw Pure is flavorless so it cuts out all the bullsh*t and feels more… detoxifying? Okay, that’s a stretch, even for me, but it does taste crisp AF which is why I HIGHLY recommend pairing it with L’Oréal’s Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten mask. Like your insides after sippin’ on this knock-off vodka soda, your face will feel pure as hell after using this mask. Coming in at $12, you won’t find a cheaper beauty product, and also, this one actually works. It’s a super efficient clay mask that clears congested and/or dull skin, illuminating skin for a healthier glow. Plus, you can usually find it in the grocery store skincare aisle so just tack it onto your list while you’re there trying to barter for the last roll of toilet paper. 

Natty Light Aloha Beaches + Peel Off Mask

Natty Light is the brand of alcohol preferred by people who frequent frat houses and the first guy I ever lied to about giving me an orgasm. No hard feelings, Paul! (Seriously, nothing hard. at. all.) If a global pandemic wasn’t sufficient enough evidence that God is trying to smite us all down so She can start humanity anew, then Natty Light releasing a spiked seltzer should be evidence enough. If you’re still brand loyal to Natty Light, then I’m assuming you’re also brand loyal to the face masks sold in the sale section of Walmart. I assume. For you, my friend, Masque Bar Peel Off Mask is going to be your go-to mask. Like Natty Light’s Aloha Beaches, both are cheap AF but still v effective. It’ll get the job done if you’re looking to kill time between second dinner and rekindling things with your ex from high school just to feel something again. 

Bon & Viv Clementine Hibiscus + Hydrating Mask

Drinking Bon & Viv is basically like water, which is not a scientific fact, just my personal opinion. It’s light, refreshing, and I drink 8 glasses of it a day. It’s by far my favorite brand of spiked seltzers, which is why I’m pairing it with one of my favorite masks of all time. Hydrating masks, like Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost face mask, go perfectly with Bon & Viv. Made with purified hyaluronic acid, this sheet mask gives instant results—and I really mean that. Your skin will go from looking dry and flakey to supple and glowy in minutes, and the best part is you don’t even have to drink water to do it!! Why does it work so well? Well, unlike other sheet masks, Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost uses unique hydrogel material to seal in the formula for maximum absorption into your skin. As a bonus, pair it with the Hydro-Boost gel cream moisturizer and literally never have sh*tty skin again. 

Seagram Escapes Tropical Rose + Tula Mask

You’ve been influenced and you’ve been influenced hard. You’re the kind of girl that only started drinking spiked seltzers in the first place because you saw it via a swipe-up code three summers ago. While Seagram Escapes Tropical Rose isn’t a seltzer per se, it is canned, and its targeted audience is people who consider Shein products actual fashion, so it counts. Also, the man behind this beverage is none other than Mr. The Most Dramatic Season Ever himself: Chris Harrison. I’m pairing this beverage with Tula’s Exfoliating Treatment Mask because what goes together more than a beverage created by an influencer and a face mask influencers are constantly trying to pimp out to us on Instagram? My heart hurts me to say this, but I’m actually a fan of Tula’s products (it’s me, I’VE BEEN INFLUENCED). I’m a fan of this mask in particular. It’s clay-based, so its purpose is to exfoliate and detox, but the antioxidant-rich blueberry extract in it keeps your skin hydrated for smoother, more even-toned skin. I recommend drinking the Tropical Rose whilst wearing the mask and DMing people on dating apps with Chris Harrison’s best lines. It’s what he would want for us during the quarantine!!

Orange Truly + Hangover Mask

Just because I’m stuck in my apartment for the foreseeable future and literally barred from entering any establishment that sells alcohol as per the shelter in place law for my state, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to turn up, okay!! Instead of pounding drinks at the bars until I reach a point where I think it’s socially acceptable to publicly blast “Lose You To Love Me” from my phone and cry softly into my hands, I’ll just be doing that exact same thing but on my couch while on Instagram Live. What I’m saying is, a pandemic isn’t going to get between me and my toxic choices, so I know I’ll be needing a hangover fix. While I admit the orange Truly isn’t my favorite, someone once said to me it smells like emergen-C, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Think of it like drinking a screwdriver but with less calories and, like, sadder. While you’re working on that hair of the dog, pair it with the Drunk Elephant D-balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask. Packed with electrolytes, it’s like gatorade for the skin. You’re welcome in advance. 

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Teami Finally Got In Huge Trouble For Their Shady Influencer Posts | Betches

At this point, I think all of us know that Instagram detox teas are bullsh*t. No, Khloé Kardashian didn’t get an entirely new body from drinking diarrhea tea—sorry if I’m crushing your dreams. But even though most of us can see right through the wild claims that influencers make, it’s important for the government to hold these people accountable. Today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled that Teami, one of the most prevalent fit tea companies on Instagram, must pay one million dollars to “consumers who were harmed.”

In their statement on the ruling, the FTC said that “Teami and its owners earned millions making unsubstantiated claims about their tea products and promoted those claims using paid influencers who failed to appropriately disclose their connections to the company, even after being warned to stop.” Pretty much, they knew what they were doing wasn’t okay, but they kept doing it anyway. This is also applicable to me making unhealthy choices over the weekend, but the government has never fined me for that (yet).

According to the FTC’s Business Blog—which I didn’t know was a thing, and will now be bookmarking—Teami sold more than $15 million worth of products by making bogus claims about how the products could “fight against cancerous cells,” cause rapid weight loss, decrease migraines, and unclog arteries. Honestly, it’s insane that people believed some sketchy-looking tea could do any of this stuff in the first place, but we’ve all fallen for something dumb at one point or another. (For me, it’s typically guys who say they like me and yet their actions prove the exact opposite, but to each their own.)

In their post about the case, the FTC seems particularly heated about the way that Teami uses influencer marketing to shill their products. They note that Teami advertises with many “celebrities and influencers, some of whom have now been sent warning letters reminding them of their legal obligation to disclose their connections to the products they promote.” Celebrities mentioned in the post include Cardi B, Jordin Sparks, and Adrienne Bailon, but shockingly no Kardashians made the list (even though Adrienne is a Kardashian ex, TBT). They should be thanking their lucky stars, because I could probably write a book about all the sketchy ads they’ve posted on their Instagram pages over the years.

Reading about the specifics of Teami’s case, I have to wonder, why is someone as famous as Cardi B even doing this sh*t? I’m sure she has more money than she knows what to do with, so is it really worth it to partner with shady Instagram brands like this? After getting a warning letter from the FTC, I’d imagine she’ll be more careful about what she posts, but you never know—people really forget how to act when there’s a #spon check in the equation. Cardi, please stick to FashionNova ads and posts about Bernie Sanders, that’s where you shine!

So, is this ruling the beginning of the end for Teami? Probably not, considering I just opened Instagram and literally the first post I saw was Lisa Rinna hocking the Teami Vitamin C serum. Thankfully, she used the #TeamiPartner hashtag, so she doesn’t have to worry about the FTC sliding into her DMs mailbox with a warning letter. She also kept the magical claims vague, just saying that the serum has “brightening properties.” Honestly, I believe it. But if Khloé Kardashian starts saying that a Vitamin C serum is going to cure the Coronavirus and make you lose 50 pounds, I’ll have some major questions, and the FTC won’t be far behind. Use your common sense, people!

Images: II.studio / Shutterstock.com; lisarinna / Instagram; Erika Quezada / YouTube

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Lisa Vanderpumps Foundation Is Being Sued For Sexual Harassment, And The Details Are Gross | Betches

I think pretty much everyone wants January to be over at this point, but that’s probably especially true for Lisa Vanderpump. Just a couple weeks ago, both of the new men in the Vanderpump Rules cast had their racist tweets exposed, casting an icky vibe across the new season. It remains to be seen what happens with those Pump Rules clowns (fire their asses!), but they haven’t had any confessional interviews in the last two episodes, so it seems like the editors are doing their best to cut down their screen time. But as if that wasn’t enough, now Lisa Vanderpump also has a sexual harassment lawsuit to deal with. It’s a dark time in West Hollywood.

The new lawsuit stems from Lisa’s Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which we’ve seen highlighted in recent seasons of both Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the legal documents obtained by Radar Online (why is it always Radar Online?), a former Vanderpump Dogs groomer alleges that she was subject to “unlawful harassment based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation” from her manager, Martin Duarte. The employee, Damiana Guzman, was employed at Vanderpump Dogs for approximately two months last summer, and she says in the suit that the harassment lasted pretty much the whole time, ultimately leading her to resign.

The details of the harassment outlined in the court documents are… pretty shocking. Guzman alleges that Duarte referred to her as both a “skinny no-ass fool” and a “flat-ass bitch,” and also told Guzman he didn’t understand how her girlfriend wanted to be with her because “she had no ass.” Yikes yikes yikes. Obviously, this kind of thing is 100% not okay for a manager to say to an employee, or like, for anyone to say, ever. But also, why was this dude so fixated on her ass? This is so weirdly specific and gross.

Unsurprisingly, Duarte’s insults went hand in hand with unwanted sexual advances, because of course they did. The documents allege that Duarte, “who was aware of Plaintiff’s sexual orientation, told her that he could turn her straight and that she had not found the right man on numerous occasions. He also claimed that he turned the mother of his child straight.” Oh my god, so this guy is both trash AND woefully misinformed on how sexual orientation works. What a winning combo! Seriously, f*ck this guy.

But while the sh*tty behavior of one man is bad, Guzman’s description of Vanderpump Dogs’ reaction to her complaints is even more unsettling. According to the lawsuit, when she reported the harassment to upper management, “they failed to take any meaningful action,” so she felt she had no choice but to resign. Ugh, this makes me so mad. It’s no secret at this point that sexual misconduct is an issue in countless work environments, but it’s deeply disappointing that people in power are still doing nothing about it. None of the higher-ups are named, so I’m assuming they’re not people we know from the shows, but either way, this is very bad.

It’s important to note that, while Lisa Vanderpump is the public face of Vanderpump Dogs, she’s not named in this lawsuit. I’m guessing she didn’t actually know about this situation while it was happening, but it’s still a pretty terrible look for her, especially because she prides herself on being a huge LGBTQ ally. Between her less-than-satisfying response to the recent racist tweet situation and this lawsuit, she really needs to get her employees’ sh*t together.

Another interesting aspect to this story is what it could mean for Lisa’s future TV prospects. Since she left RHOBH last year, there’s been speculation that there could be a Vanderpump Dogs spin-off in the near future, which would theoretically focus on both Lisa her employees at the foundation. I’ve never been thrilled about this idea, but I want this even less if this is the kind of thing that goes on behind the scenes at Vanderpump Dogs. If I want to see toxic men being sh*tty to their female coworkers, I could just go back and rewatch all eight seasons of Vanderpump Rules, or the current season of Below Deck (which is a YIKES). So far, there hasn’t been any official confirmation that a Vanderpump Dogs show is happening, so I kind of hope it’s just a rumor that never ends up coming to be.

It’s unclear if Martin Duarte is still working at Vanderpump Dogs, but if he is, I’m sure Lisa will put out a statement soon about how he’s a great guy who made bad decisions and he just needs a second chance. Or she’ll just say nothing and hope this all goes away. Probably the latter. God, what a mess.

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Is It Weird To Be A Twentysomething Who’s Never Been In A Relationship? | Betches

Must. Find. Boyfriend. As soon as I graduated from college, it seemed like every girl whose sole priorities were once partying and getting hungover bagels with her friends suddenly had one totally different priority, and one priority only: finding a boyfriend. Girls all around me (and some guys, but mostly girls in my experience) were running around demanding answers and screaming “WHERE IS HE?!?!?” with the passion of Teresa Guidice as she flipped the table on Danielle Staub. It’s like everyone in my life was one bad date away from a Tinsley Mortimer circus breakdown (fast-forward to 3:50), since we’re already talking about the Housewives.

Anyway. The more emphasis those girls placed on finding a boyfriend, the more girls who didn’t and hadn’t had serious relationships got down on themselves. I felt like many of my friends were questioning WTF was wrong with them for not having had a serious relationship yet. I was always the hype woman behind them exclaiming, “You’re only 25, you just haven’t met the right guy yet!”. But soon enough, even I—who has had countless three-month flings in my twenties but nothing super serious—started to get down on myself. Was I the problem? My narcissism was wearing off, and in its place seeped realistic, down-to-earth thoughts about potentially maybe starting to think about… looking inward. 

So, Is It Weird?

My first step in cracking the super obvious solution of not dating f*ckboys anymore was speaking with Lindsey Metselaar, host of the millennial dating podcast We Met At Acme, to get her opinion. Her first thought on the general topic of not having had a serious boyfriend by your mid-twenties was, “it’s less that it’s weird and more that it’s a reflection on your choices and overall maturity.” Totally fair. Like, ohhh, I should STOP going for the guys that still text “thx” instead of the grueling “thanks”? That might be a start. 

This post isn’t about me, though. We want to help you pinpoint if not having a serious relationship yet should be of concern to you. So, if the following situations/behaviors sound familiar, then yes, perhaps it is weird and perhaps you are the problem. Read up, buttercup. Yes, it is weird if:

No One Tries To Set You Up

If there’s a deafening silence every time you hint at being set up with your friends’ hot (or maybe even mediocre-looking, since you’re desperate) brother? Then yeah, people are clear on the fact that you repel love interests. 

You’re Constantly Getting Broken Up With For The Same Reason

If more than once you’ve heard that you’re too needy, or that you’re too high-maintenance, or that you’re too [INSERT ANYTHING] more than once—maybe it’s time to change that! “It will never hurt to do some introspective work,” shares Lindsey. “You can always learn something about yourself.” So even if you are totally perfect, as most betches think they are, take that time to look inward, and see how you feel!

You’re Sloppy

“Drinking too much, smoking too much weed—it’s excessive, and can definitely do damage,” says Lindsey. If you’re still that f*cked up girl that needs babysitting, then the only guys you’ll attract are either super controlling guys à la Joe Goldberg from ‘You’, or sociopathic frat boys. How charming! 

You Have A ‘Type’

“It’s helpful to notice your patterns in relationships, especially while in therapy,” explains Lindsey. “Recognize those negative patterns, stop having a type, and be more open-minded to people you weren’t open to in the past.” Is going for clearly emotionally unavailable guys a negative pattern? Asking for a friend. 

“Accept the love you deserve,” says Lindsey, while also remarking that she knows it’s corny. It’s so true though! “If you are someone who continues to date the same person and keeps making the same mistakes, you can’t trust yourself,” she explains. Makes sense. 

You Have Bad Habits

“People don’t want to face that their bad habits can affect their personal relationships,” explains Lindsey. Quite frankly, we all have bad habits, so I think it’s more about meeting the person that you’re willing to change those habits for. Like, we’re all addicted to our phones, so it’s about caring enough to put the damn thing down. Though I wonder how much practice that takes. 

Tips For Moving Forward

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Okay, so you’ve looked inward. As have I! Luckily, Lindsey also shared some reassuring tips on how to approach relationships moving forward, even if you’ve already pushed absolutely everyone away! I kid, but we can all benefit from a little advice. 

“Go into dating with no expectations,” says Lindsey.

Me: Yeah, I’m not really putting too much thought into this date, whatever happens, happens, no expectations, just totally chill.
Also me: I will pass away if this date does not go well. 

“Every time you meet someone that you think could be special, be sure to protect yourself. Don’t make assumptions that it’ll turn into anything, or else you’ll have all of your eggs in one basket which can lead to getting hurt,” explains Lindsey. “I’ve seen so many people try to force things with someone who’s not ready to sacrifice for them and, you know, wants to sleep at their own apartment every night.” 

As someone who has a thorough 10-step skincare routine, sleeping out is never particularly exciting for me. This really made me realize, you have to do things you might not want to do to be in a relationship, even if it means enlarged pores! *Crying but also growing up* 

“If you’re ready for a relationship, you’ll be willing to compromise,” explains Lindsey. With that, I end this investigation!

Image: @pablomerchanm /Unsplash, Giphy (3); uuppod / Instagram

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Who Should You Kiss At Midnight? Weekly Horoscopes Dec 30-Jan 3 | Betches

This week, there’s only one question on everyone’s mind: what should I do for New Year’s Eve? Also, who should I kiss once I get there? Fear not! Every zodiac sign has a different idea of what the perfect NYE is, whether it be an insane party you barely remember the next day, or an intimate gathering with friends that you also barely remember the next day. What way to start the decade…


Aries has no time for lame parties or low-key events. You’re in the mood for a big-ass party with all the besties (and a few attractive strangers) worthy of the Roaring 20s Part 2. Not only that, but you’re willing to party hop to get it. Don’t get yourself locked into one event by making ironclad plans or paying an insane cover charge days in advance. Make a list of a couple lit looking parties and make a pact with yourself to hit all of them. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but at least you’ll have a backup plan for when you walk into what was supposed to be a rager and it ends up just being five people on a couch listening to Enya.


In general, Tauruses like to keep things both chill and luxe, which means your ultimate NYE would be spent around a huge table at the fanciest restaurant you can find. Maybe you’ll go to a party after, maybe you’ll stay put and a run up a credit card bill that you won’t be able to pay off until 2021. And sure, you might have a massive food baby by midnight, but on the bright side, all those carbs will help fend off the hangover the rest of your friends will be suffering through on January 1. Plus who doesn’t want to kick off the new decade with a wine and cheese plate?


Social af Gemini will not be content just to party with the homies this year. No f*cking way. You want a big blowout bash on a rooftop or in a warehouse full of people you’ve never seen in your goddamn life, but who will all be your best friends by the time the ball drops. You see no problem walking into a social situation knowing absolutely no one, so don’t feel like you have to accompany your friends anywhere. Just don’t be surprised if you wake up on New Year’s Day with 100 new contacts all named some variation of “Hot Glitter Guy NYE” that you have to try to sort through.


NYE can be overwhelming for sensitive Cancers, who would prefer to ring in the New Year with close friends in a more intimate setting and not screaming small talk at strangers over loud dubstep for five hours. I mean…we don’t blame you. Put out the call to see who else in your crew is down for a slightly less intense NYE and plan an evening drinking wine in pjs instead. You’ll still probably end up drunk as f*ck and crying about past traumas by the time midnight comes around (this would have happened no matter where you went), but at least you won’t have to worry about changing out of spanx or taking off your makeup when you get home.


Be the NYE party you want to see in the world, Leo! Leos love being the center of attention, and hate bad parties, so why not combine these two things and throw a bash yourself? It’s the 20s, and nobody is better suited than Leo to be the decade’s new Gatsby. Fire up the ol’ group chat, make a run to the liquor store, and invest in a serious sound system. By midnight everyone will be singing your praises. Though you might regret buying all that glitter when it comes time to clean your apartment the next morning.


Unlike Leo, Virgo’s job this NYE is to resist the urge to throw a party. Seriously. You’ll get so obsessed with the details it’ll ruin your night, and as Marissa once said on The OC, the way you spend NYE is the way you’ll spend the rest of the year. Instead, be content with hitting up someone else’s party and silently judging it from afar. You’ll have more fun that way, and as an added bonus you won’t spend half the night cleaning up after people or obsessively making sure everyone’s had enough shots.


Libra is another sign that is just not that into the whole “crazy New Year’s party” thing. It’s not that you don’t want to celebrate, its just that you’d much rather spend your NYE with VIPs only and not like, a hundred randos who are all trying to make out with you. See if your area has any good NYE fireworks and gather a core crew of only your favorite people to ring in 2020 by getting drunk on a picnic blanket and watching sh*t explode in the sky. And no, you don’t have to kiss the weird old couple that set up their blanket next to you. Unless you all want to…


Scorpios love mystery and hate being told what to do or following rigid plans. Instead of mapping out every second of where you’ll be on NYE, leave some sh*t up to chance. Maybe you’ll bar hop with your friends before heading to a party, maybe you’ll make a grand entrance at 11:55pm just as your friends were about to report you missing. Maybe you’ll kiss that person you’ve been texting, maybe you’ll kiss a complete rando. Leaving things up to chance will help keep your NYE spicy, just be sure to share your location with a pal and don’t get murdered before midnight.


Yep, you’re getting drunk this NYE. Just embrace it, Sagittarius. You’ll be the person dancing on a table with a chandelier on their head hours before midnight. You’ll be the person who keeps trying to force the party to sing Auld Lang Syne, only to realize you do not know the words. You’ll be the person waking up on New Year’s Day in an unknown location covered in glitter and a 2020 face tattoo you seriously hope is not permanent. This is just inevitable. All the other signs are honestly a little jealous.


Casual Capricorn would rather plan a dinner with family and friends than spend their night raging with strangers, so why not do just that? Invite people over to your place for something really special, and spend the day cooking an amazing meal for the people you love most. Maybe it won’t be as Instagrammable as other events in your area. Maybe you’ll lose track of time and forget to even watch the ball drop. But you’ll start out the year doing what you love with the people you love most. And as an added bonus you won’t spend the first morning of the decade literally dying from a hangover.


Low-key house party is the name of the game for Aquarius this year. You want a good mix of friends and people you don’t know with some music and dancing, but also with enough space to sit down and have a real conversation. In essence, you want to be sipping champagne, not popping bottles. You wanna be indulging in the art of conversation, not indulging in the art of taking body shots. How very adult.


Pisces wants to start the New Year right by getting away from it all for a little while. If you can plan a last minute trip to the woods, do it, and spend your NYE staring up at the stars (and also probably on mushrooms). If a trip away isn’t in the cards, going to a concert or event will leave you feeling wayyy more ready for the new decade than a party, plus no one can accuse you of being lame or staying in with a full-blown Lizzo concert unfolding in your stories.

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WTF Is Brow Lamination? The New Eyebrow Treatment Is Way Chiller Than Microblading | Betches

Trends come and go, but overwhelmingly the credo for brows lately has been: the bigger, the better. And thank god, because thinking about my pencil-thin sperm eyebrows from 2009 still gives me nightmares. “People are looking for the full, feathery, Cara Delevigne look,” notes makeup artist and brow expert Niki Metz of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles. You might think that since the trend is towards fuller brows, that means by default everyone is just embracing what they naturally have—and if you think that, you clearly don’t live in the age of Instagram. From brow gels and pencils to microblading, there are a number of ways people are giving the illusion of feathery brows. If you haven’t been quite as genetically blessed as Ms. Delevingne but getting a glorified face tattoo scares you, there’s a new treatment on the market called brow lamination that can help you attain your brow goals.

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Fluffy #browlamination is my new obsession. Perfectly undone, and just so good. #dreambrows @meicha_official

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So What Is Brow Lamination?

In short: “It’s the same general process as lash lift or perm, but for your brows,” says Metz. Brow lamination is a chemical treatment that straightens your brow hairs and makes them malleable to shaping so they can stand up and pay attention like they never have before. Think semi-permanent brushed-up, yet shapely Emilia Clarke brows all in about 45 minutes. Not only will it take time off of your morning prep time, but “it wakes up your eyes and perks you up,” says Metz. Which is especially intriguing for those of us who haven’t had a full eight hours of sleep since middle school.

How Does it Work?

According to Metz, first she gently coaches brows into their ideal shape, then she applies a lifting cream: “It breaks the bonds in the hair so they’re softer and moveable.” After a few minutes, she wipes it off and brushes the brows up before she applies the setting product. This solution straightens the hairs and fixes them in place. She removes it after another few minutes, adjusting time for the coarseness of the brows. Following the treatment, she applies castor oil onto brows to rehydrate them, because exactly like when you chemically straighten your hair, it can cause dryness. After the brows are orderly, Metz cleans up the shape with thoughtful tweezing. Although you shouldn’t experience any redness or irritation from brow lamination, doubling up with waxing afterwards is not recommended. To maintain the results, don’t wet your brows or sweat for 24 hours afterwards. As Elle Woods says, the rules of perm maintenance are simple and finite. (Even if those hairs are on your face.)

Who Is It For?

Brow lamination can work for pretty much any brow type and shape. It looks a little different based on what you’re working with (obviously), but much like VSCO, it makes everyone look amazing. For thick, unruly brows, “it’s a godsend,” says Metz. It’s perfect for taming and getting a polished and lifted look if you think your natural brows resemble Eyebrow Cat. But, if you have thinner brows, the results can be even more dramatic. It makes them look much bigger—think of what happens when your straighten wavy hair to its maximum length. Metz adds, “even if you still have some sparse spots, it makes them easier to fill in once they have shape.” 

Additionally, if you’re thinking about microblading but are not ready to commit, it’s a good intermediate step. Lamination doesn’t add the pigment like microblading, but it can give you an idea of what it might look like for a lower cost. The pricing for brow lamination ranges depending on your city and your expert, but expect it to run you somewhere between $60-100.

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How Long Does It Last?

It depends, but generally around five to eight weeks. It will vary based on your natural brow growth, but the best part is there is no wonky grow-out process. “One day you just notice your brows aren’t as good anymore,” says Metz. But for the glorious month and a half or so, just expect to wake up every morning with essentially perfect arches that will elevate your usual no-makeup-and-dry-shampoo-topknot look. There’s basically no maintenance: Use a spoolie and brush up your brows every morning and be sure to keep them hydrated using castor oil or a brow serum containing nourishing peptides. When it’s time to re-up, wait a week or two between growing out your lamination and your next treatment to give your skin and brows a little bit of a break to prevent any skin irritation or hair thinning.

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