Why I love… Donald Glover

His face is cute and elastic, making it a perfect vessel for comedy

How many times have you scoffed at the wunderkind with the six-figure book deal? Or the singer with a record-breaking number of nominations for their debut effort? Its not just me, right? Somaybe thats why the subject ofthis weeks column remained in my yeah, whatever file for so long. I mean, who gets tobe good at writing and acting and making music and at such ayoung age?

Step forward, Donald Glover. No two ways about it: Glover, 33, had an excellent 2016. Ifirst heard of him in 2008, when he was awriter on the Tina Fey workplace comedy 30 Rock. He was only 23 when he washired and went on towin three Writers Guildawards for hiswork on the show. Naturally, Ifeltnothing butimpotent jealousy.

Then it turned out hecould act, too, playingthehilarious TroyBarnes, a former high-school jock embracing his innernerd inCommunity.

His face is cute and elastic, making it a perfect vessel for comedy (and a handy choice for reaction gifs). Glover also radiates sincerity even at the height ofsilliness. Theres something particularly soulful about his mien in Atlanta, the critically acclaimed (and Golden Globe-winning) comedy drama he created and stars in (one of my favourite TV shows of 2016).

His nerd credentials are also solid: hell beplaying Lando Calrissian in the new Star Wars movie, and has arole in2017s newSpider-Man film. ButitsGlovers music, released under the pen name ChildishGambino, Ive connected to most: I loved his PM Dawn and Tamia covers, but Ihavent stopped playing Awaken, My Love!, a beautifully funky and moving album, since itcame out last December.

Im over my envy. Now Im just inlove.

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